Low Voltage Specialist

Anything that requires 12volt power in your caravan, camper or motorhome, 42 years in the industry - you know it will get done right. 12 & 7 pin plugs and sockets, anderson plugs, batteries, chargers, inverters, DC/DC Boosters, solar power, brake controllers, Dexter Sway Controls, call us.

Electric Brake Controllers

Todays caravans use electric brakes and a compatible controller needs to be installed in your vehicle to operate your brakes. We only use the best brands such as Tekonsha and the latest Australian made Redarc Towpro Elite.


Battery Chargers

We can supply battery chargers to suit AGM, Gel, SLA and LiFe PO4 Lithium batteries. From small to large banks of batteries and for all your recharging requirements please contact us.


LED Lighting

Led lights require less power than conventional lights,  give a much greater output and are a must when free camping, we can replace existing interior, exterior, roof, bed , sink and reading lights.





Anderson Plug / Fridge Wire

If you need a  battery charged or your fridge to operate correctly whilst travelling, we can install DC/DC boosters and correct wiring with genuine Anderson plugs to suit the application.









Dual Battery Systems


Don't be stuck in the middle of Australia with a flat battery ! Having a quality dual battery system means you wont be left without startup power. We can supply and install a dual battery system to most vehicles and vans to run fridges, lights, tv, cpap machine, charge phones, tablets, laptops and more. We use only the best including,  Ozcharge, Full river and Optima fully sealed deep cycle batteries.

For the very best in high power and low weight we use Lithium Iron Phospate batteries [LifePO4] from Solar 4 Rv`s.